Thursday, September 27, 2012

Henry: Russet vintage swivel chair

Well hello readers :)
I see you've found me. I am a pretty surprsing piece of furniture. I'm the colour of autumn in the Gatineau hills; like that Irish Setter that you knew as a child. The hue that comes to mind when someone whispers, "metamorphasis".

I come from a passed time, one where sipping bourbon was a pleasure and men bought Buicks for their wives. I'm tweed like a hunters jacket on the misty moors. My legs may show a ding or two but's to be expected from a chair like me.

If leaning to the rear in interior contemplation is your desire, I've got your back.

Please let me share your indoor habitat. I fit in with many an unusual fellow. Why just yesterday a fine adventurer from Spain sat upon my springs. Last month is it was a gentle English lady, a woman who appreciated a fine seat.

I am a chair of strong constitution and material integrity. To know me is to understand traditional modernity. I'm a well spoken dreamer; a wanderer of living rooms and studies. 

Status: SOLD

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