Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hilary: Hall Chair Extrordinaire

A chair is a chair is a chair.
I beg to differ.

Look at my soft curves. I'm not like other chairs. Those chairs who sit idly by, collecting loose clothing, maybe a mitten or a hat, waiting for someone to sit on them.
I wait for no one.
I demand attention.
And I get it.

A lady must always make herself useful. Sometimes those uses are of a shady countenance. Sometimes bold. It all depends on the situation. One must be adaptable to the changing times.

Take, for instance, the fact that I was born into a world full of strife. Wars, famine, epidemics, yet here I am today, reinvented not once but twice. As strong as the day I was glued and screwed. My style is full of poise and bearing, yet I am whimsicle. Though I carry the characteristics of my forebearers,I am something new and exciting.

I can sit in your hallway. Say hello when you walk through the door. I can sit near your bed like a good friend, keeping watch over you in the night, holding you clothing for you, to jump into the next day. I can chill in a drawing room awaiting a fine posterior to support while it makes merry with friends. So many options! So many translations.

Friends have called me sassy; I must concur. To be sassy for your assy is what I was made for :)

- Duncan Phyfe style chair made in Wiarton Ontario early 20th century
- New cushion and fabric, painted Espresso Bean in melamine for durability
- Upholstered in a modern art nouveau inspired pattern, greys and yellows that blend well with a   variety of decor and colours
- Perfect for a kids room, hallway/entrance, dressing chair, funky mismatched dining set, etc.


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