Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daniel: teak and rosewood longboy dresser

We walked up the mountainside together, one last time together. I leaned over and whispered, "this is where I love you the most". Her eyes looked steadily forward, focusing on something across the valley. Perhaps it was nothing at all, just the opposite of focus. But it was something; right?

We'd lived together for 50 years. The cabin on the hill was our nest, like an eagles. Sparse but functional. Overlooking wide vistas, surrounded by small wonders. It was a fabulous time. I'd heard people say that every good thing must come to an end but to think that it was this time for us was something of a devastation.

She was dropping me off. She'd sold me. Me, her faithful dresser. The things I'd held for her were layers of shared history. Weight gains and losses, hidden photographs, a diary I couldn't bring myself to read. Secrets. And now to take me up the mountain, towards a new home, it was indescribable pain. My heart has been torn out of my chest.

Heartbreak. And I could do nothing.

-Teak dresser with rosewood handles and legs.
-9 drawers
-19" wide 28" tall 6' long
-can be used as a dresser, a TV stand (dvds fit in the drawers), credenza for a big hallway, or a buffet
-teak has been freshly oiled

Status: available


  1. Okay, you made me get all weepy for a dresser!

    1. I felt weepy saying goodbye to Daniel too but he is in a fabulous new home in the Quebec forest :)