Sunday, November 25, 2012

Victoria: side table

 Manners and class are very important qualities in a table. Without manners, one really cannot call oneself a table. Without class one is simply a piece of wood nailed to other pieces of wood. Manners and class set one apart from ones simple beginnings and makes one whole.

For example I am a simple table. One slab on top of two slabs. I have a drawer and a shelf. But I am so much more than that. I am a beautiful centerpiece of a room. My colour pops out from the mundane dreary reality so many call home. I am many squares inside one square; a riddle and a question. I am a classic beauty and a modern dream. I am brutalist in classic Tiffany blue.

While I am all these interesting things, my manners are quite obvious. I'm polite and easy to look at. I'm the definition of poise! I long to be poised in your bedroom, your hallway, your living room. A socialite such as myself needs companionship. Do you think you'd like my company?

Status: sold

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